Learn the Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre process completely online
Learn with others. A group of teachers assembled anywhere with a computer, LCD projector, and a speaker phone learn in a real-time session led by Rosalind.
Learn at your own computer. Access the live sessions from your own computer and participate with other educators who sign on from wherever they are. 
This series of online workshops for teachers is another example of the dramatic impact that technology is having on all facets of life. The availability of online professional development for teachers breaks down the barriers of time and location, allowing presentations to educators anywhere at any time.

Online training, widely-used in the business world, is uniquely suited to provide the quality, accountability, and flexibility needed in education as well. Another important factor—the tremendous cost savings of online workshops.

Full Video/Audio Live Narration--Rosalind explains and details the process of using Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre (CBRT) in classrooms with students, supporting all the methods and ideas documented in the book.

Hundreds of slides with photos graphics, key words and phrases, and examples 

Videos of the work in action with real students in real classrooms
Teachers in Kodiak, Alaska participate in an online workshop session
Online workshops are presented live by Rosalind Flynn...

For one group gathered in one space: Computer images are projected on to a screen and participants hear Rosalind via computer speakers or a speaker phone.

For several different groups gathered in several different geographic areas: 
The same presentation can be coordinated for multiple groups in multiple locations
or for Individuals at their own computers. 

Because the session occurs in “real time,” live sessions allow participants to interact with the presenter, posing questions and influencing the delivery of instruction. 

Recorded Online Presentations: Once a live session has been conducted, a recording of the session can be made available for others to view on their own.
Time Allotments     
Sessions can be customized to fit a variety of preferences.
•  Two-to-Three-hour sessions
•  All day sessions
•  Other time configurations, including multiple course sessions
Technical Requirements
Internet Access   Speed and performance are ultimately determined by individual computer capacity and network configuration. Wi-Fi connections work great!

LCD Projector or other TV Monitor/Screen for groups in the same space.

Videos  The workshop includes a videos streamed directly from Rosalind's computer. 

Audio via Voice Over IP (VOIP)  Voice Over IP is audio over the Internet through the computer. Participants are able to speak to Rosalind through their computer's built-in microphones. For participants gathered together in one space, computer speakers are needed to boost the volume so that participants can hear Rosalind.

Test Run of Computer Access  It is best to schedule an advance testing using the online workshop conferencing software and the various audio techniques and network connection types to ensure everything will work for all participants.

Onsite Moderator  When the online workshops are conducted for groups gathered together in one space, one individual should serve as the moderator who be the chief communicator of questions and onsite issues, and who will supervise the participants' activities.
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Quotes that Promote
“Teachers in Kodiak really appreciated the opportunity to work with Rosalind in a virtual setting.  We were enthralled and engaged for the entire three hour workshop!  Several teachers have come back to me since that time with examples of CBRT scripts they have created using the strategies that Rosalind shared.”
Marilyn Davidson, 
Director of Instruction
Kodiak Island Borough School District
Kodiak, Alaska

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“As for your online workshop, the format has been very beneficial to my staff this year. Having the interactive session allowed my teachers the ability to dialogue with you throughout the session so that they could fully understand the concepts and ideas presented in the workshop."
Laurie Little, Principal, Desert Harbor ES, Peoria, Arizona

How do the online workshops work?