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Author and Educational Drama Specialist Rosalind Flynn leads 
live online workshops for teachers based on her book Dramatizing the Content with Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre. Teachers worldwide can now work directly with the creator of this highly-successful learning strategy that merges active learning with the writing, revising, and reading, and performing of curriculum content. 
Dr. Rosalind M. Flynn
Workshops (Not Self-Guided Independent Study)
What is Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre?
How does it all work?
Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre (CBRT) is an arts-integrated learning process that involves teachers and students in creating scripts about content information. 
The short scripts created have a dual purpose—to inform about a curriculum topic and entertain an audience. 
Once the student-playwrights complete their scripts, they read, re-read, rehearse, and perform their original scripts in this classroom activity that merges drama, theatre, writing, reading, speaking, listening, and content learning.
This is a live, interactive experience. Educators work in real time with the presenter to participate, pose questions, and influence instruction.
“As for your online workshop, the format has been very beneficial to my staff this year.  Having the interactive session allowed my teachers the ability to dialogue with you throughout the session so that they could fully understand the concepts and ideas presented in the workshop."
Laurie Little, Principal, Desert Harbor ES, Peoria, Arizona
Professional Learning unconstrained by the barriers of time and location
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