Inside, you will find:

23 reproducible CBRT scripts on 
various curriculum topics
    --11 scripts for younger students
    --12 scripts for older students

11 script templates to simplify the writing process 

Step-by step directions on how to: 
    --introduce CBRT to students
    --collaborate with students on writing an original CBRT script
    --coach students to deliver strong performances 

Materials to use in the delivery of CBRT Teacher Workshops

Rosalind Flynn's book, originally published by The International Reading Association, serves as the written material for teacher workshops -  in-person and online.

"Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre: Setting the Stage for Reading and Retention" in  The Reading Teacher, December 2004/January 2005.
Two of Rosalind's published articles explain the Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre work.
Other Books by Rosalind Flynn
A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension. Co-author: Lenore Blank Kelner. (Heinemann, 2006).
The Odyssey, Oedipus, and Others or Greek Story Theatre. 
Co-playwright: Stacey Coates. (Playscripts, Inc., 2009)
Publishing, 2018)